Places with great live music

If you are a person who likes good music and wants to have a good time in the evening, New York will offer some of the best concerts and live music you will ever see. If you like a good hard sound, you can always visit some open concerts that are free. These performers will play some of the best hits from the 50s until today’s hits. If you like some nice jazz music, you should check out some nice pubs and underground coffee shops. If you like to drink and play pool and darts, you should check out Fat Cat pub. This is an atmosphere with a totally good vibe with a lot of great people who are just minding their own business and enjoying the evening with friends. If you are a person who likes some great rock and roll music, you should check out some of the open concerts.

Rockwood Music Hall is probably the most famous place for rock and roll concerts. People who enjoy this genre of music will enjoy the atmosphere and drinks. You can hear hits from the 50s or 70s up until today. If you like summer, you should check out Central Park Summer stage. This is usually an open concert, and you could see some performers who are dying to play in front of an audience. You could see a lot of young people who enjoy all sorts of great music genres. Our advice is to do your research and see which genre you like or would like to listen. NY is full of possibilities, and you should check them out. If you are a fan of softer music like classic or even smooth jazz, you should check out some great historical places.

Carnegie Hall

If you want to listen to classic hits from Louis Armstrong and legends like him, you should check out this institution. We know that there are a lot of people who enjoy the world classics like modern classical music and music from the 1930 and onward.

Choose your course

Our advice is to investigate a little bit about NY, and we know that you will love it here.