Vandalism or art

When people talk about arts, they usually say that doing graffiti is nothing more than vandalism. We don’t agree. Keep in mind that we are talking about people who know how to create wonderful images and those who know how to tickle your imagination. There is, however, some laws that ban graffiti, but in many states around the world, people can do graffiti with some conditions. First of all, they need to get a permit from local authorities, and after that, they need to make sure that they have all the right tools for the job. If you like to do graffiti, you will need to put a layer of protection over the wall you want to decorate. Some walls cannot hold these protective layers, and because of that, you can’t draw on them. You need to investigate this form of art because the local authorities don’t like it that much.

Legal painting

If you have permission to draw or paint on a protected wall, you are in for luck. Now is the time to express your emotions and feelings that are inside you. Each artist is unique, and this could be your chance. Most of the today’s modern artists will say that doing graffiti is the same thing as painting, but instead of a brush, you are using cans that are filled with paint. There are even some people who like to paint with their bare hands. Colors are made to express our thoughts so as you can see; you are on the right path to becoming an artist if you want to. If this is your thing, we can tell you that you are not alone. People who are doing graffiti think of themselves as artists who don’t have the same position in the society as other artists.


We hate to bring it to you, but this is true, unfortunately. We all understand that they are artists but the governments around the world think otherwise.